Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alpine School Board Meeting Highlights

The Board of Education met in a study session prior to the dedication and the regular Board Meeting at Sage Hills Elementary School on January 26. The purpose of the study session was to discuss the boundary options for the new schools.

The dedication of Sage Hills Elementary began with three students sharing “What Makes Sage Hills a Great Place.” First grader Kealani Luke said that it is because “teachers care about what we learn.” Third grader, Bryanna Dye loves the huge library, and fifth grader Kayla Hauer appreciates the fun activities and great people. Principal Sherrie Holbrook talked about the past, present, and future of Sage Hills and has dared her students to “learn, soar, and excel.” PTA President Kirsten Stack expressed appreciation for all of the volunteer help that has been given and acknowledged that there is more to be done. After the students and faculty did a great job singing the school song, K-12 administrator Kathy Janzen spoke followed by Board Member Chrissy Hannemann. The dedicatory prayer was given by Board President Debbie Taylor.

There were two action items in the regular Board meeting. The first was the approval of the boundaries for the new schools. Boundary maps for the new Traverse Mountain and Eagle Mountain elementary schools as well as the new Saratoga Springs middle school/Willowcreek Middle/Timberline Middle/Lehi Junior are attached. The entire area west of the Jordan River is part of the new middle school boundary. The Traverse Mountain area students are now part of the Willowcreek Middle School boundary instead of Timberline Middle School.

For your information, the principal of the new Traverse Mountain elementary school will be David Stephenson, current principal at Alpine Elementary. The principal of the new Eagle Mountain elementary school will be David Turner, current principal at Rocky Mountain Elementary School. The Saratoga Springs middle school principal, Steve Stewart, was named last spring and is the former principal of Orem Junior High School.

The Board also voted to open the new Saratoga Spring middle school with seventh and eighth grade students only. Ninth grade students will continue to attend Westlake High School next year.

The second action item was property agreements. Both the sale of the “EsNet” property as well as the purchase of three building lots for Career and Technical Education were approved.

Thank you to the faculty, staff, students, and patrons of Sage Hills Elementary for being great hosts!

The next Board meeting will be on February 9 at the district offices in American Fork.

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  1. We are so sad to lose David Stephenson, he is an amazing principal! Traverse Mountain is sooooo lucky to get him.